Girls Junior Varsity Swimming, Girls Varsity Swimming · 10/20 Athlete of the Week- Emma Haugstad

In a new effort by the Athletic/Activities Department to highlight the accomplishments of Fridley’s student body, a male and female athlete will be chosen each week for exhibiting strong leadership on and off the field. The exemplary athlete will then be written about in a feature article.

Emma H
This week’s female is Emma Haugstad, a captain of the Fridley-TG Swim and Dive Team. Here’s Emma on her career, her life and what it means to be a team.

KS: You’ve been swimming for a long time. What has been the proudest moment of your career?

EH: When I looked up at the scoreboard after my last 100 backstroke race and saw that I had already beat my section time from last year and it’s mid season. I’ve also set a personal best this season in my overall diving score.

KS: When you’re not in the pool, what are you up to?

EH: I also dance at a studio and love to do yoga. Other than that I’m actually in the pool- I’m a swim instructor at Lifetime Fitness.

KS: I know every junior and senior is probably tired of hearing this question, but what are your post-high school plans?

EH: I plan to continue on to college and travel as often as I can. I haven’t decided what exactly I want to do as an occupation, but I’m sure once I’m in college things will start to become more clear.

KS: This year, the Fridley program merged with Totino-Grace and you got a brand-new coaching staff. How have you overcome the challenge of dealing with the changes?

EH: The merge [with Totino Grace] was very intimidating. I luckily love change, but I was very sad to say goodbye to our old coaching staff. Making sure that our Fridley girls were ready for all the changes was really difficult because all I could promise is that if we made the most of every moment that we would and should get what we put in. I honestly don’t think that [the merger] could’ve gone any better.

KS: It sounds like you’ve had a great experience working with the TG team and coaches. Swimming is often thought of as an individual sport- you swim to get your own PB’s. How do you make sure you don’t lose sight of being a team?

EH: To me being a team in such an individual sport is so important. You need to be a support system and a family. Team means having someone standing down at the end of your lane screaming for you to go faster, kick harder, even though usually, you can’t hear them. It means having someone who is there with an extra suit because somehow you forgot your most important item for practice.


Emma has had an impressive season. She’s already set a new personal best in the 100m backstroke, plus a PB in her overall diving score. She’s helped lead her team to two victories over Holy Angels, as well as a win over Columbia Heights. While dealing with the changes that this season has brought on, Emma has learned the importance of staying organized and daily encouraging her teammates to meet their challenges head on. Her work ethic and positivity is an inspiration to all.