Tigers News · Minnesota Student Leadership Seminar

On November 14th, Activities Director Dan Roff and five students attended the Minnesota Student Leadership Seminar, put on by the West Point Society of Minnesota at the Mounds View Community Center. Reiley Johnson, Teathy Pal, Sierra Barker, Keanan Allen, and Kati Stevenson, all juniors, spent the day learning about values, and how values become the guidepost for action all throughout life.

Judge Joan Ericksen was the keynote speaker, opening the day with a passionate speech about the Moral Arc of Justice. She described situations throughout history in which this arc has not been applied, and how the next generation must find a base for their character so that they can be the best possible citizens of the future.

Next, the students broke out into small groups. Through the use of scenarios, cadets for the ROTC program the U of M and U of M-Mankato, as well as cadets from West Point led students in activities that taught them their values. Discussion continued throughout the day, covering topics from qualities of a good leader to an internal code of conduct. Participants got to meet new people from across the Twin Cities, and talk about how the experiences of high school affect a person’s moral compass.

The day closed with a PowerPoint of pictures taken throughout the day, and each group recap their discussion so the teachers and facilitators could hear about the amazing talks taking place. All in all, the students who attend learned much about how to become a stronger leader in their sports and in their school.