Multiple Teams · 2/9 Athlete of the Week- Teathy Pal

Teathloach PalAs a continuing effort by the Athletic/Activities Department to highlight the accomplishments of students, this week’s male Athlete of the Week is Teathy Pal. Here’s Teathy on his season goals, his life goals and his drive for leadership.


KS: You’ve been tearing it up on the court with a total points scored for the season of 264. How do you keep it from going to your head?

TP: I try and stay stress free and keep a positive vibe around everywhere I go and let God take care of my problems.

KS: You’re also racking up the rebounds. How has your team been benefiting from your skill?

TP: We’re 14-5 right now. Plus we beat Heights on their court. That’s been my proudest moment of the season so far.

KS: Just goes to show how well your team is working together. You obviously know, so I have to ask. What makes it such an effective team?

TP: When you’re a team it’s no longer I or Me. All that turns into WE. We have our teammates’ backs. We have the trust that can be the big difference between winning and losing close games.

KS: Wow. That’s is great advice for any team. Maybe you should become a coach! Are there any ways you’re using those great leadership skills on or off the court?

TP: I’m a mentor for a group of middle school boys and I’m in AASU (African-American Student Union). I’m not a captain but I still choose to be a leader for my team and people around me ‘cause I want the best of people.

KS: .That shows true dedication to your drive for excellence. I know you’re also a part of AVID. How has that helped you prepare for the future?

TP: I plan on going to college and coming up with a great career that will keep me happy but will still have me working hard.

KS: Keep up the great work, Teathy, on and off the court.


Teathy strives to be a leader in all aspects of his life. He’s set a goal for himself to lead the team in rebounds for the season, along with continuing to score big and hopefully take the team to Section Finals. Teathy was among the chosen few who attended the Minnesota Student Leadership Seminar back in November, which helped him learn how to make the best decisions for his life and team.  He is a positive role model for those of all ages, and his stoic management helps him portray the excellence that all Fridley athletes strive for.