Tigers News · Fridley Tigers Fall Competitive Sports Update

Hello everyone,

There has been a bit of confusion, so attached is information about the Tri Metro Conference Agreements for the Fall Competitive Season and the specific home details for each Fall Competition Sport. Please click on the links for more detailed information.

In determining these agreements, we had 3 significant ideas that guided our decision.

1. The safety of specifically the players, coaches, and officials.

2. The safety of all, so we can continue to play competitive games against others outside our school, for as long as possible.

3. To make this consistently safe across multiple communities and differing venues.

Our Fridley Tiger Expectations is to be “good team players”. Please honor our Tri-Metro schools by following the guidelines and directives as written. Remember, this is temporary and the greater good is more important than the individual want.

Unfortunately, Fridley Soccer parents and friends are only allowed to attend home games. We are looking to have Live Streaming across the conference from every school. We are not all set up for it yet, but each school is working to make that happen.

Tri Metro Agreement

Soccer Game Day Details

Swim & Dive Game Day Details

XC Fridley Event Details

Sincerely and with best intent,

Dan Roff

Director of Student Activities