Tigers News · Fridley Activities Update      12/28/20

Dear families,

We are pleased to announce that we are able to begin in person practices for our winter activities on January 4, 2021. Below you will find the list of coaches for each individual sport or activity. Please contact the coach to receive the information ASAP about signing up for the Google Classroom so you can get information about tryouts and first practices.

Remember, to participate you MUST BE REGISTERED! You may watch but not participate if you are not registered – even for team tryouts. If you would not make a team that has a tryout, your money will be refunded.  If you are in athletics you must have a valid sports physical. (On file at school that has been in the last 3 years) To find the date of your last sport physical you can login to your campus portal account, scroll all the way to the bottom and click on More, then on Health, then Immunizations. Then you should see the sport physical date. If you have questions or are just no sure please call Sue Hanson 763-502-5606.

Here are the Registration instructions – they have been simplified since fall:

The Activity Registration and Payment Portal is open under the School Store tab in your  Infinite Campus Parent Portal Link

Log in to the Infinite Campus Parent or Student Portal. Click on School Store in the drop down menu. If you have students in multiple schools there will be a choice for what school to Shop at, choose the school your student attends. All available activities will pop up. Click view on the one you wish to register for. Click on the student’s name in the recipient drop down.  You will then see the links in blue for the registration forms. There are two forms to compete. Click on the registration form, fill it out and click on submit. That will take you back to the page where you can see the other form. Do the same. If your student participated in a fall sport and you completed forms you can skip this step and simply click on add to cart. Click on MY cart and finish the payment process.

NEW Start Dates for Winter 2020-2021

Practice Start Dates 2020-21
Head Coach
Head Coach’s Email
Phone #
Registration Fee
Dance Team (7-12)
Back to in person   1/4/2021
Tracy Doten
Boys Hockey (9-12)
11/23/20       1/4/2021
Jerry Hayes
Girls Hockey (9-12)
11/30/20       1/4/2021
Jeremy Lewis
Boys Basketball (9-12)
11/23/20       1/4/2021
Bryce Richter
Girls Basketball (9-12)
12/7/20         1/4/2021
Drew Reiter
Gymnastics (7-12)
12/7/20         1/4/2021
Tammy Hoff
612- 735-3834
Boys Swimming & Diving (7-12)
11/30/20       1/4/2021
Kyle Syverson
Wrestling (7-12)
11/30/20       1/4/2021
Eric Anderson
Speech (9-12)
Tom Larson
One Act Play (9-12)
Tom Larson
Competition Cheerleading 1/4/2021 Alyssa Lane lane@isd14.org $95

Students who receive Educational Benefits (free or reduced lunch) pay the reduced fee of $25.00.