Fridley Officials Payment


If you are an MSHSL certified official, are considered an Independent Contractor or are a Fridley Public Schools employee, click here.

The Fridley School District, in compliance with the IRS, requires event workers to be certified MSHSL Officials, Independent Contractors or District #14 Employees. If you are not one of these you must become a Casual Employee of ISD#14.

Click Here to apply for a Casual Employee Event Worker position. This is also where you apply for any kind of athletic or fine arts support position.(Assistant Coach, Theater Technical and other various support positions, etc.)

Once the application is completed you will need to notify Dan Roff, that your application is ready for approval. Once approval is given, Dan will notify HR. They will then send you the link to all of the other forms that you need to complete. Important:  the  I-9  must be done in person with 2 forms of ID. If you have question about this part of the process, please contact Sue Hanson,

An approved background check by Human Resources, I-9 verification, and payroll paperwork must be completed prior to working as an employee.